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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there an Email Club in my local area.

Please contact us and we will check to see if there is a club in your local area.

Q. Can I see an example of a Local Email Club Website.

Yes, you can view a demo site here.

Q. How often will I receive offers from Individual Merchants?

This depends upon each individual business you sign up with. Some send emails only once a month, some send 2, 3 or 4 each month, depending upon what special offers they have to offer you.

Q. How often will I receive the ‘Club Email’ offers?

We usually send one ‘Club Email’ Newsletter every 2 to 4 weeks, with special offers and discounts from local businesses who have joined the Club. You will also, from time to time, receive additional ‘Club Email’ offers with extra special deals from participating businesses.

Q. Do I have to sign up with all the Individual businesses?

No, once you have signed up with just one business, you become a member of EmailClubUK. You will then not only receive exclusive offers from that business but will also receive our regular ‘Club Email’ Newsletter and offers.

You need only sign up with Individual Merchants if you particularly want to receive the deals which are available EXCLUSIVELY to their own customers.

Q. Do the offers ever change?

Absolutely. One of the great things about the Service we offer to our businesses is the option for them to change their offers as needed. So they can easily inform you about their new Products and Services immediately and you can always obtain great deals on them.

Q. Will I receive emails from other third parties?

NEVER. We do not give or loan our Club Email Addresses to any third party. The only emails you will receive are from us, and will include offers from our member businesses, and other participating businesses with whom we have arranged special deals for you.

Q. Will you accept just "any" business as a member?

EmailClubUK is a family oriented service. We reserve the right to allow only family oriented businesses to be included in the Service.

Q. How can businesses offer such good deals through you?

This is mainly because our ‘Email Marketing’ Service is so effective, and the cost of our service to businesses is so low, that they can afford to pass on the savings they make to you, the member.

So everyone gets a great deal with EmailClubUK.

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