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Attention all Business Owners!

Would you like to reduce your Advertising Costs
whilst increasing your Business Profits?

Everyone in business knows you have to advertise to keep customers coming in and business rolling.

But these days, finding money for advertising is getting harder all the time. Direct Mailings, Newspaper Ads and Leaflets are all well and good but they are EXPENSIVE, UN-TARGETED and WASTEFUL.

What if .....

You had a Marketing Program that allowed you to communicate and market directly to your current customers and potential customers every month .... or even every week .... with no effort on your part .... for far less than you may currently be spending on traditional advertising?

What if .....

This Program increased your daily profits more and more each day with unbelievable results. Yet you had to do hardly anything to keep it running once the Program was set up.

Well, that’s what our EmailClubUK
‘EMAIL REWARDS’ Program Can Do for You!

Here at EmailClubUK we specialise in what is known as Permission Based Email Marketing. That is, a service where customers ‘opt-in’ to receive emails from you, as opposed to unsolicited ‘spam’ emails, which we NEVER get involved with.

It’s simple ..... our members sign up to receive regular Emails from local businesses just like yours. Our members print out the discount coupons of their choice and take them to the desired business.

They can’t wait to get their email and open it!

How can we help you?

The best part about our service for businesses is the cost to advertise is less than half the cost of traditional advertising. Yet it has proven to be far more effective. Indeed, recent Industry surveys have shown Email Marketing is more than four times as effective as Direct Mail, yet costs less than 1/10th the amount.

Best of all, it is also far easier to operate.

Especially so with our service, since WE set everything up for you:
  • We help you sign up your customers into your own ‘Email Club’.

  • We then manage your customer lists for you.

  • We send the emails out to your customers and thereafter deal with all aspects of the emailing work.

  • All YOU have to do is choose what information and offers to send each time (and we can even help with that too! )
Isn’t it time you put the POWER of Permission based Email Marketing to work for YOUR business?

Interested in obtaining more information?

If so, please contact us to receive a no-obligation consultation on what we can do to help promote your business.

NB: Your contact information is for our sole use and will not be shared with any third party.
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