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About EmailClubUK

There are two main parts to the EmailClubUK service, the individual 'Business Lists' and our own 'Club Email' service.

Each of our participating businesses have their own Individual Email Club lists for their Existing Customers. They send regular special offers to their own Club Members which are tailored to the needs of those Existing Customers.

When you join a Club Member's list you will receive a Welcome Email and Special Offer from them to thank you for joining. And you can join as many of these individual lists as you like.

We also provide a regular 'Club Email' Newsletter which includes general offers, discounts and coupons from all the participating Member businesses in your local area. If you join any of our individual Merchant's Email Clubs, you will also automatically become an EmailClubUK Member and will receive the 'Club Email' Newsletter, as well as the exclusive individual offers from the Merchant you signed up with.

If you would like a list of EmailClubs operating in your area please
contact us
for more information.

If you have a local business and would like to set up your own Email Club, we would be happy to help you. Please contact us for more information and to be put in touch with a local operator.

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