Welcome to the EmailClubUK Operators Information

Here you will find information about how the EmailClubUK Service works and how YOU can
become a Local Email Club Operator working with us.

You might also like to check out what the Local Email Club Website YOU will be provided with looks like.
Go to Example Site.

  Frequently Asked Questions  

Since we sent out the first letters inviting people to work with us, the same questions have come up again and again.

We have therefore included a Frequently Asked Questions page with answers to all of the questions that have been raised over recent weeks. I'm sure any questions you have will be answered here.

  Email Marketing  

We have uploaded a few pages of basic information about Email Marketing which you may find useful and interesting.

We've also included some quotes from Articles and Surveys about Email Marketing which have appeared on other Websites over recent months.

When navigating this website you will probably find it most useful to follow the Go to next page links at the bottom right corner of most pages.

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