About EmailClubUK

EmailClubUK provides a vehicle for you to run your own local ‘Email Club’ and ‘Email Marketing Service’ right in your own LOCAL area.

Running a local EmailClubUK service can provide YOU, as the local Club Operator, with an exceptional income, whilst also greatly benefiting your local community. Even in its simplest form, our ‘Standard Service' provides great benefits and savings to members of your local community, and is an excellent and worthwhile marketing medium for local businesses.

As such, the service is greatly welcomed by all concerned.

However, the profit potential for you is far greater than that provided by the 'Standard Service' alone. This is because, in essence, the 'Standard Service' provided by each Email Club is only The First Stage in a more comprehensive Marketing Strategy we have developed, and which YOU as a Local Operator can greatly benefit from.

You see, whilst a local Email Club can generate excellent profits from its 'Standard Service', you will also have the opportunity to offer a number of additional 'Email Marketing Services' to businesses in your local area, via the various 'Marketing Programs' provided by ZedMail Business Services.

And here the profit potential starts to get really exciting.

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